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amenti_highroad's Journal

Forward to Phlegethon - A Writer's Discussion
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This is a community intended for writers and lovers of language. My intention is for it to provide an open-minded environment within which people can discuss pieces of literature, as well as share their own works-in-progress for constructive critique.

Whereas gathering thoughts is a fine thing to do, I yearn for talkers. I want people who will post in this community, who will spend time here and give thought to what they read, and furthermore will share this thought. This is not a place for flame wars. This is a place for mature, well-executed, thoughtful conversation.

This community is also intended to host two things when I get the interest drummed up: a 'short story' club (like a book club, probably to convene bi-weekly, only with pieces of short(er) fiction and a set of bi-weekly or monthly prompts.

I am also user corbie, and user chaotique.