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Jan. 7th, 2005 @ 03:30 pm Ezra Pound
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Lately, I've been delving very deeply back into the reading of poetry, if not the writing of it. I've been desperately clinging to an older volume that my father gave me (those of you who know me in life might recognize it - a slightly tattered, smaller book, hardbound, clothcover, light blue?) and peering through its myriad pages in search of the many gems I know lay within it. A segment I keep returning to is the selection of Pound, which I find more fascinating the more I read. Especially 'The Tomb of Akr Caar' and 'A Virginal'.

Is any of my present company a fan of this poet? If so, what would you reccomend (to me, and to the rest of the community) as representative of his work? I have have to waft down to TW and see if I can't find a singular volume to further my exploration.

Also, I feel that his work has a particular kind of darkness... a cynicism unique to some poets and much less so to others, even some writing on much
'darker' subjects. It's almost eerie.

Thirdly, I know little of his history... I hear, from my father, that he was extremely anti-semitic, among other things.
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