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Nov. 22nd, 2004 @ 07:47 am Inaugural Entry.
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Breaking the ice is always a little difficult, especially when one does not have anyone to break the ice... too. But here I am, posting a banner to give people a little bit more information about what this community is intended to be. And to let the passerby know that it is not, in fact, abandoned... just fresh; a blankbook unwritten in.

I mean for Forward to Phlegethon (for Amenti Highroad, really... anything that I have named evolves in names eventually, and repetitiously) to be a community. I am, above so much, a writer. I value the company and communication of writers, and literate people in general. It's always driven me crazy to find a 'writer's community' where people just pinned stuff up to the communal board but no one ever said anything to one another concerning it. Or, alternately, everyone involved just stood around smiling like constipated idiots at one another, patting everyone else on the back and saying 'wow, man, that's so great!'. I like to have my ego stroked as much as the next person; however, realistically, it does me no good whatsoever. I post writing in public forums in the utterly self-serving interest of becoming better. I want more strength, more power, more hold over the written word. It is something I carry a terrible greed for, a vice that will remain with me until the end of time. The drive for improvement, the tacit, gnawing sensation that 'pretty good, for someone your age' is not good enough.

This is what I am catering too. Like-minded individuals, but not only. I'm certainly not going to break into art-goth poetry-snob bullshit with you; about how this has to be your LIFE and if you're not writing every day in your own blood you're not really doing it. Maybe this is just a weekend hobby for you, or something you've just broken into, and you just want to have a second opinion on a few things... that's great too. I encourage everyone, writers and otherwise, to explore themselves and the world around them through the written word. I place huge value on all kinds of sensory input, and I believe as much in sensory output. All the information we take in on a daily basis, with all of our faculties, finds outlet. Let that outlet be productive, let it be interesting, let it be seen.

Thirdly, this community is intended to have dual purpose. It is also intended to be a community for readers. I know that my writing stagnates if my reading stagnates. I cannot progress unless I am taking in new literature all the time. What are you reading? What do you think of what you're reading? What in the world of published literature drives you absolutely mad, for that matter? I encourage people to share poetry and short fiction that they have found on the forum (longer pieces behind a cut tag, for courtesy's sake) and I encourage people to read, and furthermore discuss what they have read. Again, this is not a place for 'I liked it.'. This is a place for. 'My, I thought the use of language was good but such-and-so writes with far too much heavy allegory for my liking. However, the whole bit about the yadda-yadda toward the end had me pretty caught up. Have you ever read blah by what's-his-name?... etc.' Discussion. Dialogue. Seminar.

Hopefully, there will be bi-weekly themed prompts for original work, as well as bi-weekly (offset, probably, from the prompts) stories posted (a 'short story' club; like a book club, but on a smaller scale).

I hope that this will cater to a niche on LJ and be a fertile place for people to grow in language. By all means, join and post, but remember that this is a place for communication, and it is a place for critique. If you cannot be, or accept, constructive, this is not your place.
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Date:November 23rd, 2004 08:27 am (UTC)
Sign me up. I've been waiting for an excuse to right and read more