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May. 16th, 2005 @ 04:25 am Greetings and Salutations.
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hey everyone. However many there are here...
I've been here a while, really. But I haven't had anything worthwhile to post. Writer's block, and all that jazz.
So instead, I've been scrounging around for a few of my years old poems.
...I found two. I'll post the older one first, of course. It isn't the best, I know. But tell me what you think anyways? Or something.
Hi people I know. And others. Yes.
I am extremely tired.


I fear all that is unknown
My trusting heart hath turned to stone
I hate you and you hate me
How trivial these matters be
Diseases are as these things go
Drag you dead like undertow
A burning hatred inside our head
The demon's fury hath been fed

I love you more than life itself
I'd kill myself to give you health
Your words are full of disgust and scorn
The more you hate the more I mourn
Why can't we both just get along
Instead of striking with hook and prong
I wish you knew just how I felt
Then deep inside my heart I'd melt

As painful as these matters be
We stay together, forever free
- Thor
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